Saturday, August 1, 2009

Itchy Ears

I have been sitting here thinking about my itchy ears and telling myself, I need to go to a doctor and find out what is causing it. They drive me nuts !!! I dig around with a bobby pin until they bleed and then scab over and then they itch worse than ever. I was pondering whether I should call an ear doctor, but I know if I call an ear doctor the first question will be, "Do you have a regular doctor?" I want an ear expert, not a regular doctor. Do you think they care if you want an ear expert? They know best, and you have to do as they say. That leads me into another subject, What do they do in Canada when they call a specialist? All you hear on TV is the announcers crying about how our medical care will be as bad as it is in Canada. I can't see that it's so hot here, how could it get much worse. Excuse me while I itch my ear.
Back to my original subject. My ears have itched most of my life so I suppose I could tolerate it another 10 years or so. I decided to google the subject, so I typed in "Why do my ears itch all the time" Oh me ! oh my ! do I ever have company. Please click on this link for more information on itchy ear problems.