Saturday, November 14, 2009

Do Not Try This At Home

I had the cataracts taken off of my eyes a year ago. Nothing ever really comes to an end. I thought that would be the end of my vision problems. That was not to be. Do you know that when you have cataracts taken off, it is not necessarily the end of your eye problem. You may or may not want to know this, but I got to the nitty gritty of it. When they take a cataract off this is what happens. Think of your eyeball as a grape. They take the upper half of the peeling off of the grape and place the artificial lens in that pulp area. The bottom half of the peeling is left in place.

In some cases, the bottom peel starts growing over the new lens. It has to reach a certain stage before it can be taken off. In my case it took a year. It happens to some people in a much shorter time. They can remove the film or whatever they call it with laser surgery and you do not need to be sedated. It is painless and only takes a couple minutes. Mine is now ready to be removed, but the surgeon was not in today so I have an appointment to have it done in about a week.

That is my medical lesson for today. I’m probably crazy as a bed bug and have it all wrong, but that is the way I understood it. Or maybe he was just explaining in a way he thought the old lady could grasp. Anyway I might be able to read the newspaper again, and the novel I have started. I can read for a few minutes before the words start running together.
If you have Cadillac’s (that’s what my brother, Hollis calls them) on your eyes you may be one of the lucky ones and not have this happen to you.