Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's The Law

When I got my first computer, Email was the fascinating new technology of the day. Every stupid joke that was ever thought of was emailed to you. I even remember getting excited when I thought Bill Gates was going to send me $250 for forwarding the letter on to 20 more people. I’m still waiting, Bill.

Now it's all about texting. They even pass laws that you cannot text while driving? Think how stupid that will sound to future generations.

Here are few examples of old laws that are still on the books:

Do not hunt birds from an airplane in Tennessee; it's illegal.
Don't think of popping a champagne cork in Colorado on Christmas Day.
Forgetting to close a gate in Nevada is against the law.
You can't sell perfume as a drink in Delaware.
Wisconsin law prohibits margarine from being substituted for butter in restaurants unless requested by the customer.
Kentucky law requires that residents bathe at least once a year. (Hey, nothing wrong with that law)

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Stephanie Frieze said...

These laws are too funny! It is amusing that Kentucky felt the need to pass a law requiring bathing. It may be illegal to hunt birds from an airplane in Tennessee, but it's still legal to hunt wolves from a helicopter.

Stephanie Frieze said...

I forgot to add "in Alaska."

Grandma L said...

Really!!! That's a new wrinkle on my horn.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Their esteemed ex-governor went wolf hunting in a helicopter. She makes me nuts.