Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Are We In Kansas Yet

I went to our new Wal-Mart the other afternoon. While there I decided to see if I could make an appointment for a perm. They could take me at that very minute so I jumped at the chance. By the time I got out of the place it was dark as midnight and I hate driving in the dark and avoid it when I can, but here I am in the dark and I have bad eyesight until Monday. I am squinting at all the headlights and for some dumb reason I left the same way I came in instead of going straight out to Nobhill.
My brain must have stalled or something because I am going out via 64th Ave. instead of Nobhill. So I take a right, thinking I am on Nobhill (remember my brain is on pause) and go driving down the street and there is a lot of traffic and headlights so I can’t see the landscape and I think I’m heading for my house. I was really heading out into the country.

All at once I came to my senses, sort of, but not totally. How in the world did I get on this street? Where am I? Why can’t I see a street sign? I keep driving because I can’t stop or turn around in all that traffic. Finally I was able to turn left and I need to turn left again to get to Nobhill.

I ended up on some road that didn’t seem to have a name and I must have driven four or five miles on that road. Here I am out in this God forsaken country road and there are headlights behind me and I couldn’t see any place to turn around or get off of that road. I was getting a little uneasy because there is a car behind me and what if this road comes to a dead end. I thought, "I must be dreaming, I’ll wake up any minute." I just kept driving and now I can see the city lights way off to my far left. All I have to do is drive over to those lights. There was no road that went that way. Now I know I must be in the twilight zone. Finally the car behind me disappeared and that was a relief. I finally saw a street I recognized and I got on it.
Sixteenth Avenue never looked so heavenly to me. Remember I started on 64th Ave. Are we in Kansas yet?