Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Facts of Life

I guess it’s not going to rain hard enough to clean the car so I will need to go to the car wash. (Save a lot of money if it would just rain. teehee) When you have an old car that is dirty it looks ten times tackier than a newer one that is dirty. Why is that? Does anybody know the answer? I guess it’s just a fact of life.
Not much goes on around here. One of my Grandson’s used to come over several times a week and one day I yelled at him for skipping school and I think he is afraid of me because I haven’t seen him since. I just sent him a text message and told him if he wants to come over I will use my inside voice the next time. He hasn’t answered me yet.
I am expecting a new Great Grandchild any day now. It is so exciting. Tomorrow will be the baby’s Grandma’s birthday and I think it would be so perfect if he/she comes tomorrow. If it happens I will let you know.


Cora said...

I think the caption says it all, just one of those days. Wish it would end.

Jimh. said...

He deserved to be yelled at! DON'T SKIP SCHOOL! Or else you'll end up living in a van down by the river! Or a really groovy cardboard box.

As for car washing, I wash mine once during the summer. Cora's car gets it a few more times. I figure, unless there's a funeral, i see no reason to try and impress others...I'm awesome without a clean car!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Sometimes our high school debate class sells carwash tickets which actually save you a little $. See if one of your schools has a fund raiser going. My yellow Neon looks ghastly when it gets dirty, but this time of year if you get it washed you drive on rainy roads and BINGO it looks terrible again.

You make me laugh about the grandson. Offer him cookies and he will probably show up. :-)