Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Facts of Life

I guess it’s not going to rain hard enough to clean the car so I will need to go to the car wash. (Save a lot of money if it would just rain. teehee) When you have an old car that is dirty it looks ten times tackier than a newer one that is dirty. Why is that? Does anybody know the answer? I guess it’s just a fact of life.
Not much goes on around here. One of my Grandson’s used to come over several times a week and one day I yelled at him for skipping school and I think he is afraid of me because I haven’t seen him since. I just sent him a text message and told him if he wants to come over I will use my inside voice the next time. He hasn’t answered me yet.
I am expecting a new Great Grandchild any day now. It is so exciting. Tomorrow will be the baby’s Grandma’s birthday and I think it would be so perfect if he/she comes tomorrow. If it happens I will let you know.