Friday, February 26, 2010


A few years ago when I took my walks at Randall park, I would always take my camera along. This time I took a picture of this dog. His owner said his name was Midnight. She told me about the nightmare that had happened to them and Midnight. A couple years before her husband and friends and Midnight went up to Mt Rainier to do some hiking. They decided it would be safe to take the leash off of Midnight so he would be able to run and have a little fun. It was a mistake because a squirrel came scurrying by and Midnight went into hot pursuit. He chased the squirrel to the top of the next ridge and the squirrel disappeared and so did Midnight.
They hurried up the hill and looked down far below. Midnight had caught himself on a small ledge and kept from falling on to the bottom of the hill and certain death. It was a very steep wall, but had some slope to it. Midnight began to claw his way up literally lying on his stomach and inching his way up a few inches at a time.
They were at the top urging him on and holding their breath because they knew any minute he could fall. She said it was the longest time of her life.
Midnight finally made it to the top and her husband grabbed him in his arms and they hurried to the nearest water they could find, so he could get a drink. Midnight dived into the water to do his drinking and didn’t want to get out. It's amazing what you can do when you have a rooting team behind you.
I never learned the fate of the squirrel.