Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wait Awhile and Chill Out

This is Kenny

Life in the senior lane just gets to be more of a pain with each passing day. I never go anywhere because when you go someplace you spend money. Since the senior population didn’t deserve a pay raise this year, there is never enough money to stretch to the end of the month. So I stay home more than ever.
This week I have had another reason to stay home besides the lack of money. My son asked me to print off his temporary driver’s licenses that he got from the DOL on the Internet. He didn’t have any ink in his printer. He said he would pick it up that day, so I stayed home. He was a no-show, but said he would come the next day.
I stayed home the next day and waited for him. He was a no-show again. The next day I awaited his arrival and he was a no-show. He said he would come over the next day, but his licenses had arrived in the mail and he no longer needed the temporary one. "But how about all those Pepsi cans I saved for you, and you were going to put a new battery in my smoke alarm, and remember that piece you were going to glue back on my oven handle? " I asked. "Oh, I forgot about that, I’ll be over about noon tomorrow," he said.
Isn’t it pathetic that I have to whine around like that to trick one of my kids into coming over for a few minutes.
He has one of those can-crushers and can save a ton of cans before cashing them in. A few years ago I saved cans and finally got a garbage sack full. I put my cans in the trunk of the car and off to the recycle place I went to cash then in. The man weighed my cans and dropped 87 cents into my hand. I grumbled all the way back to the car, "I wonder how much gas it took to drive here, with the price of gas It probably cost me money to give them my empty cans". I decided then and there that I would never recycle another tin can. I just couldn’t bear to throw those cans in the garbage so I began saving them for Kenny.
Imagine my shock when he actually showed up today. Now I’m back to only having one excuse for staying home. I'm getting hard up for blog material.