Friday, February 5, 2010

The Way it is

Life just keeps going on and on. Hoarders continue to hoard. The word "democrat" has become a cuss word.
The Orange crop froze out so they have to raise the price of OJ. It happens every year. Some where a crop freezes so we have to pay more for the Juice. The ‘Happy People’ are going to Hollywood. If you have no talent, you can’t go. I am speaking of American Idol of course. Those with the least talent are the ones that get downright belligerent when they don’t get chosen.
Rush Limbaugh never runs out of insults to inflict on people. He knows how to keep his name in the news. Some people just can't be happy unless they get lots of attention.
May I ask? What is so entertaining about setting your kids and yourself on fire and running around in a circle? There used to be an old song called "Stop the World and let me off". I am beginning to feel that way, but then I would miss all those enchanting commercials about using used catheters. A visual you really want to think about while eating lunch.