Thursday, March 25, 2010


This picture has nothing to do with my story today.
I just wanted you to see a picture of my Son-In-Law.

I have watched a few shows about Hoarders and house keeping and I think, except for the grace of God, goeth I (or however the phrase goeth). I seem to save a lot of things, but they goeth into a closet or a drawer. I would never give up my table space. I like to eat too well and I would never give up my bed or bathroom. I would never have little paths in my house to get to the bedroom or bathroom. My problem is more like lazy than it is hoarding. It’s just my opinion, but why do they call that show "Hoarders". They could call it "The Lazy Bunch". When I replace something I just stick the old one in a closet or empty space, and it’s because it still has some use and I plan to take it to the Goodwill later. Later never seems to come. I no longer have any empty closets or drawers. It has reached that stage so I have been trying to do a major weeding out, but I suffer from a condition called "But-First". I find something in the kitchen that belongs in the bedroom and when I get into the bedroom I notice something. But-First I need to take care of this and that leads me to two or three other directions, and it might be a couple weeks before I get back to the kitchen.
I also read the newspaper that way. I start with page one and the first article I read is continued on 12A. So I turn to page 12A and finish reading that article, But-First I want to read this other item that caught my eye. Then I continue reading the paper from back to front. But-First is a malady that is not caused from old age. I know of young people that are afflicted with it. I don’t mean to be hurtful, but to all you organized people out there, you make me SICK!!!

I have put a lot of stuff in the back of the Van and someday when I pass the Goodwill I will make a deposit, But-First I need to go buy a coffee at Starbucks