Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life in my Eighties

I finally delivered all that excess hoarder stuff to the Goodwill. Now somebody else can collect it for their house. I still have lots of books and other odds and ends and I will get it done. I asked the man that unloaded it for me if he had a couple extra boxes he could spare. Now I can fill those boxes.
I sure will be happy for payday, which is Friday for some of us seniors. I have been holding off until payday before gassing up my gas-guzzler, but the light came on today and said "low fuel". It has nearly ¼ of a tank according to the gas gauge, but now that it says "low fuel" I am afraid it will run out any minute and I am hoping I will have enough to get me to the gas station on payday.
I haven’t had this car that long so I don’t know if it is really almost empty or if it is just giving me plenty of notice. Anyway I will not go anyplace until Friday. I would hate to run out of gas. I better put a gas container in the car in case I have to go hiking to the next gas station. On the other hand, I can’t believe anything that car tells me. One day it said, "gate open". When I got home I went in the back yard to look at the gate and it wasn’t open. Gas is now almost exactly $3.00 a gallon in this town. That’s the way it is for now.
Til Next Time.