Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life in my Eighties

I finally delivered all that excess hoarder stuff to the Goodwill. Now somebody else can collect it for their house. I still have lots of books and other odds and ends and I will get it done. I asked the man that unloaded it for me if he had a couple extra boxes he could spare. Now I can fill those boxes.
I sure will be happy for payday, which is Friday for some of us seniors. I have been holding off until payday before gassing up my gas-guzzler, but the light came on today and said "low fuel". It has nearly ¼ of a tank according to the gas gauge, but now that it says "low fuel" I am afraid it will run out any minute and I am hoping I will have enough to get me to the gas station on payday.
I haven’t had this car that long so I don’t know if it is really almost empty or if it is just giving me plenty of notice. Anyway I will not go anyplace until Friday. I would hate to run out of gas. I better put a gas container in the car in case I have to go hiking to the next gas station. On the other hand, I can’t believe anything that car tells me. One day it said, "gate open". When I got home I went in the back yard to look at the gate and it wasn’t open. Gas is now almost exactly $3.00 a gallon in this town. That’s the way it is for now.
Til Next Time.

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Jimh. said...

I've had my share of running out of gas. My favorite times are the four times I have coasted into the gas station after the engine about pushing it to the edge! Yesterday was the third day the van at work said empty. actually it was below empty (yes, I push things). I decided I needed gas...except the lady who usually drives it had the gas cap the boss and me made an early morning call for a gas cap key...took 36.98 gallons...I think it is a 37 gallon tank.