Sunday, March 7, 2010

My two cents worth

I get so confused with American Idol. The judges tell one person they need to take the song and make into their own song, put a different spin on it. Then another person comes on that has done that very thing and they rip it apart. "OMG you just ruined that song". "You should leave the song alone". Or they tell somebody the following "You were screaming". "I hated it". "You’ll never make it". Why do they have to be so offensive.
"You were too pitchy" (What does that mean?) Simon just likes to be opposite of what the others like. Somebody could sound like a newborn calf bellowing for his mother and if the others said it was awful, Simon would say, "I disagree with the others I think you were wonderful and will probably win the competition". He is such a jerk, but if it weren’t for him they’d have a dull show. He is just one of those people you love to hate. I think we love him because he is so disgustingly good-looking. It’s just typical to love beautiful things.