Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dining Out

Today I picked up my prescriptions and since it was lunchtime I decided to go to the nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken. I got my food and chose a booth to sit in. All of a sudden I thought we were having an earthquake. There was a whole lot of shaking going on. I looked around and nobody looked alarmed, but my booth was definitely shaking like crazy. It was driving me nuts and I could tell it was coming from the booth behind mine. What are those people doing? This most definitely needed further exploration.
So I pretended I needed another napkin and got out of my booth so I could get a better view. I soon discovered the cause of the trembles. The guy sitting with his back to my back had a bouncy knee problem. He just sat there bouncing his knee up and down. I wanted to ask him if he could turn his knee off since he wasn’t really going any place or at least put it in neutral. Maybe he would have trouble getting it started again so I decided It would probably be best if I just moved to the other side of my booth. Which I did, and now my potatoes and gravy were cold.
That wasn’t the only reason they were cold. There was another senior lady there, such as myself, and we got a case of the giggles before it was over with. We kept getting to our booths and then discovering we forgot the straw or the napkin or the honey or the fork to eat with. We were almost bumping into each other with our back and forth trips. Finally I was able to start eating, but my fork was glued into the plastic container with super glue and the lady noticed I was having a problem. She suggested that we put a pair of scissors in our purses the next time. I told her that was very good advice.