Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Miss My Dog

When your Cat or Dog Dies

Remember that your pet is not really dead, he just moved on. There are three beings, Human beings, Angel beings and Animal beings. Animal beings are very important to God. They were in the Garden of Eden. The second big event was Noah’s ark. All the animals were on the ark. The third big event was the birth of Jesus and he was born in a stable surrounded by animals. Human beings have souls. Animals and Angels do not need souls. Human beings are descendants of Adam and Eve, and therefore are born with the sin nature and God gave them a soul so they can be saved. Animals are not born with a sin nature. Angels do not have a sin nature except those that already belong to Satan. That is how dogs get into heaven. They are not sinners and therefore do not need a redeemer to get into heaven.
I miss my dog.