Saturday, April 17, 2010


There is now some controversy going on about whether they should stop the outer space explorations. It is just my humble opinion, but think about this.
Back in Noah’s day, when he was out in the sun everyday hammering and sawing and measuring and working on his ark. Everybody was having a heyday making fun of him and laughing about his ark. If I had been him I would never have told the idiots what I was building. He could have told them it was a new design for a house. Anyway when the rains came and didn’t go away, I have a feeling a few of them sort of wished they had built an ark. I am not saying we are going to have to move to a new planet some day, but who can say we won’t.
How about old Chris, Christopher Columbus, that is. He took off with his fleet of ships and most people thought he would fall off the end of the earth and probably even laughed at him. I am thankful he didn’t turn around and go back.
More power to them.