Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another day, Another Doctor

What in world would I do with my time if I were young and normal? I just don’t have time to do anything, but go to doctors, labs, ER’s and other testing places.
I went to the lab for the blood draw and a few days later I went to my primary doctor (that means he is first in importance: chief). I have a doctor for every body part. Today I went to my bone doctor and next week I go to the hospital for a bone density test. In two weeks I go to the sleep doctor. I have already had my gland's X-rayed (mammogram). I saw a foot doctor just a few weeks ago and had X-ray’s of my feet. I’ve had both eyes operated on a couple times.
I sometimes wonder if it’s all necessary or is it because I have good insurance. Speaking of that, my secondary insurance just raised there rates another $24.00 a month. It will now be $210.00 a month. Ah Ha! I have a knight in shining armor. He is an insurance broker and he is coming here tomorrow at 10 am to sign me up with a plan that does everything, but escort me to the hospital and will be much less than $210.00.

Outside of all that everything is going smoothly. Well, sort of. Some time ago the handle fell off of my overhead microwave. I grasp the bottom of the door and pull it open that way because a new handle cost almost as much as a new Microwave. Then the handle fell off of my oven door. My son, Kenny glued it back together, but it only held it for a couple more months and now it fell off again. This time it broke into a million parts. I just don’t know why I am so hard on handles. I outlived my handles. That’s okay, you can’t take your handles with you anyway. That reminds me of a funny story I once heard.
It goes like this. An old man was lying on his death bed and the family and church folks were all standing over his bed and somebody said to him, "It’s okay, Walter, the angels are here waiting for you." The old man answered, "Well, dammit, let em wait".
Just thought I’d touch base. This is all for now.