Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Wedding pictures

In front of the bride is Terry's brother, TJ (hope I got the name right) and beside the bride is Anthony, a very good friend. When Terry and Laura met the first time it was pre-planned by friends that knew the bride and also knew Terry that they would all go to a football game so Terry and Laura would meet each other. Anyway these two were in on the setup. I think Ashley, the bridesmaid sort of started the whole thing. If I have this wrong I am sure I will hear from Laura. It was a blind date or a set up. Anyway whatever it was it took off and the rest will be history.

A table full of relatives. at the 12 oclock position is Cora, Nancy, Mel, Emily, Ryan, Goldie, Wayne, Bob, Rita, the empty space is for Jim. He is taking the picture or dancing on somebodys table, you never know about Jim. (my family in Oklahoma need to know these things, so I hope the rest of you will not be too bored).

Coming back from the picture taking.

This is Sophia and her mother

This is Chris (Daddy of Sophia and Rita's son)
I have all these pictures and I am going to post them.
I have more for another day.


Jimh. said...

I didn't dance on any tables this time...or in heels. But, I appreciate that you know me so well!

Laura said...

Yes you are right I'm going to correct you Granny! It was Anthony and my friend Brenna who set us up. They had met on EHarmony, but broke up shortly after they set us up. And his brother his JT TJ is his dad.
Love ya!

Grandma L said...

JT TJ I was pretty darn close!!!!