Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tomato Time

I am finally rested up from the wedding. Not that I did anything. All I had to do was show up. When you’re my age, you need to rest before you show up.
Yesterday I bought one tomato plant and planted it in a big pot. Summer is just around the corner and I would love to have my own tomato crop. I bought a mature one. It’s already grown up and ready to produce big ripe tomatoes. Well maybe not quite, but it should not take all summer.
When something is wrong with my computer it bugs the life out of me. Kenny usually fixes it for me, but this time I fixed it myself. It was a really BIG DEAL, my Itunes went on a sit-down strike and would no longer work. I stewed and fretted over it for several days. Trying a few different things, I finally read somewhere that the best bet is to uninstall it and reinstall it. So I held my breath, and uninstalled it. Then I found the latest version and downloaded it. Miracles of miracles it worked like a charm. I know I sound like a first grader that got on the bus all alone for the first time.
While I am on the computer I put my Itunes on and listen to it and also sing along with it. Practice really does help. One day I found my voice. No kidding, I could never really sing before in my whole life. It only took me 81 years to find my voice. Would you call me a slow learner or what. Don’t be looking for me in a concert anytime soon. It will take me another 80 years to get that good.
My new great granddaughter already found her voice and she is not even three months old. You should hear her, she talks to you. It’s so cute she tries so hard to talk.
I need to go check up on my tomato crop. See you later.