Saturday, July 31, 2010

Modern Frustrations

Those people in the pioneer days may have had it rough, but they should come back to this electronic world we live in now. Sometimes it’s enough to drive you nuts. Something starts beeping and you have to begin a search to find where it’s coming from. Was it the microwave, or one of the phones, or maybe the battery in the smoke alarm died.

Or you decide to watch a movie that you have on DVD. I don’t watch many movies, so I forget how to get the TV in sync with the Video player (or whatever they call it). There is remote for each one, but what button do you press on the TV remote. Now I have to search the house high and low to find the remote for the DVD player. I finally find it, but it seems to be deader than a doornail, so I put new batteries in it and it is still deader than a doornail. I finally ask Kenny to come over and guide me through the procedure again, as I want to watch another movie.

He comes over the next day and decided the remote I am using is not the correct one. I still have not found the correct one. He showed me how to turn it all on manually. I had already tried  that alternative and couldn't get it to work.
Do you think that was a simple solution? Not at all, I was out of any mood to watch a movie so it was a day or so before I decided to watch that DVD movie. By then I had totally forgotten which button to press on the TV and after trying for half an hour or so I decided to watch it on my laptop. I know how to do that, but I like to use the earphones when I watch a movie on the laptop. I put the earphones on and as the movie was starting I could not get any sound to come through the earphones. After several minutes of more frustrations, I decide that must be the earphones for a special radio I have. For whatever reason they would not work on the laptop.

I have another set of earphones so I begin and all out search for those. They were finally found in a bottom dresser drawer. I plugged it into the laptop and a miracle happened. They worked and I watched, I’ll Walk the Line with Johnny Cash. No, I don’t mean Johnny Cash was here. I mean the movie was about him. And I have a remote control that belongs to something, but who knows what.