Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When in doubt, leave out.

Now that I’m old I have nothing much to do and no energy to do it with. So I spend a lot of time thinking of my past life. I have vivid recall of some of the ancient past. I remember my mother telling me that when she got old, she could recall things that happened when she was a child. It was something she had not always been able to do. I don’t know why it happens, but I seem to be doing the same.
I swear this happened when I was about 2 years old.
We were at church before the service had started. I had put a penny in my mouth and somehow it went gulp right down my throat. I told my mother and she got all excited about it. I guess she was worried about it and was telling everybody to see if they knew what to do about it. I remember everybody started teasing me about eating my money. I remember wishing they would shut up and leave me alone.

Another time I stuck a blue bead up my nose. Nobody knew about the bead except me and I knew I had done a dumb thing and didn’t want them to know I had done such a thing. I think they even asked me if I put something in my nose.
I just played dumb, which wasn‘t a very hard accomplishment for me. They knew something was wrong with my nose and took me to a doctor, and he looked in my nose with a light and said it looked like it might be some kind of growth.
I still wouldn’t tell them it was a bead. I guess I thought they would think the bead just got in my nose by accident. In that day, the only anesthesia was ether. My lips were still sealed so I had to have an operation. The way they administrated the ether was to place a sheet over my head and let me breathe the fumes. I was four years old and this is they way I remember it. It took everybody in the room plus a nurse or two to hold that sheet over my face. I thought they were killing me. It only took an instant and I was sound asleep.

The next memory I have of that event was on the way home from the doctor I was standing in the back seat of the car and leaning over the front seat between my parents and asked, "What did they do with that blue bead? " Mom and Dad both whipped their heads around and looked at me. If looks could kill I would be dead. My Dad said, "So now you want to talk about the blue bead, do you?"
Thank goodness, looks don’t kill.


FaerieMama said...

More! more! I love hearing these stories! I can totally picture you in the back of the car asking about the blue bead! So funny!

Its amazing what we can remember. I have a memrory from 9 months of age. no one believed me, but I told my mother what is what in GREAT detail and she said my memory was EXACTLY what had occured, and where and how....I even remember the feel of my moms arms carrying me that day. she vcarried me on the left:)

Nina said...

Great story! I'm sure your parents retold it every chance they got! I am still in the stage of telling about what my daughters did when they were little. One of these days maybe al my childhood memories will come flooding back too. If you are bored, come read some of my ramblings.

and don't forget to get your flus hot the first chance you get!

Anonymous said...

I can just see Daddy giving you that look!! I remember those looks from him I didn't want to make him mad at me, I seen what the boys got from him!!!
Little Sis