Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas

Back in era of the twenties there was a comic stripe named Barney Google. I wonder if that is how Google got their name. Now the word google means to look for something. At least in my mind that is what it means. I think they should think about putting the word in the dictionary.

It’s not in my dictionary. I look in my dictionary so much the pages are falling out. Maybe that page fell out. I guess I could put that item on my Christmas list. If it not too late I would like a new dictionary for Christmas.
I like the word ‘Christmas’ and use it as often as possible. We should not say ‘merry Christmas’ because we might step on somebody’s toes. I guess I’m a rebel because I go out of my way to say ‘Merry Christmas’.
Merry Christmas Everybody !!!!!