Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas

Back in era of the twenties there was a comic stripe named Barney Google. I wonder if that is how Google got their name. Now the word google means to look for something. At least in my mind that is what it means. I think they should think about putting the word in the dictionary.

It’s not in my dictionary. I look in my dictionary so much the pages are falling out. Maybe that page fell out. I guess I could put that item on my Christmas list. If it not too late I would like a new dictionary for Christmas.
I like the word ‘Christmas’ and use it as often as possible. We should not say ‘merry Christmas’ because we might step on somebody’s toes. I guess I’m a rebel because I go out of my way to say ‘Merry Christmas’.
Merry Christmas Everybody !!!!!


Cora said...

Happy Holidays :) sorry I am a rebel like that, plus I am not feeling very Christmasy, this year. I bet that word is not in your dictionary either, lol.

Love you, Cora

PS you know now you are going to get 10 dictionaries

Anonymous said...

Yes, they say Happy Holidays an stead of :" Merry Christmas"there is some that might not like it, What about us that do like it (we don't madder) any more, it's those who don't like it that gets there way!!!!

Anonymous said...

We Wish each and everyone of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS out there in Moxie,Yakima,Tacoma,and Snoqualmie,

Love all of you,
Carol and Jess

Lorrene said...

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all you back there in Glencoe, Stillwater, and Oklahoma City.
Merry Christmas tra la la la.