Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Sky is Falling

No problem, I was able to find a spot for the garbage can by the mailbox so I didn't have to play musical garbage cans after all. It was icy in front of my house, but I live a block from two schools and they get the sand trucks out in the school area's so it was fine driving.
I got another Vitamin B12 shot. I found out the reading on the blood test was -50. It should be at least 180. I hope these shots will end this problem for good. Some people need to take the shots the rest of their lives. That sounds like a long time, but at my age it may only be another week.

The adoption of the Great Grandchild from China is taking forever. I think the only thing left on this side of the pond is the travel approval. Do they only have one person working in that place or do they have stacks and stacks of adoption papers. Now they will take off for the Christmas holiday and maybe the whole week. Or it might snow and they would need to shut down the whole operation until it goes away.
I just reread this and I really am full of gloom and doom.
Cheers to everybody. Tomorrow is a new day and may your day be full of good news.