Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Day Down the Tube

Air Traffic Controllers are not the only ones that go to sleep on the job. 

 My only Soap Opera, All My Children, is going off the air and I think I know why. They ran out of men for Erica to marry. Now somebody has kidnapped her, and poor Jackson thinks she has changed her mind about marrying him and he even suspected that Caleb was behind her disappearance. Emma is being a brat and needs to sit in the naughty chair. I am going to miss it, I have been watching it off and on since it's beginning. I liked all of the old actors and always feel bad when one leaves the show.

I had a phone call the other night from somebody I grew up with and we had been out of touch  for 65 or more years. Her name is Mary Ruth and did we ever have a lot to talk about. We would try to hang up and then take off on something else. I guess most people call her Mary now, but she is still Mary Ruth to me. Her and Beverly were my childhood friends. We had lots of fun growing up.We went to the same one room school house. I think we will keep in touch now. It's so much easier than it was years ago. My sister Carol, that lives in her area had run into her some time ago and told her about my blog. She is not into computers so she had her daughter see if she could find the blog on her computer. Beverly had her daughter looking for it too. Anyway they found it.