Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rantin and Ravin

 I spent most of yesterday trying to get a virus off of my laptop. My AVG anti-virus popped up a message that they  had blocked a virus and  my computer was protected, but my browser wouldn't open. Frustration to the max. I kept getting a message from some  eset source that was telling me my computer had a virus and  I needed to upgrade my anti-virus. It had to be paid for before they would take care of it. I was highly suspicious of their offer so I didn't buy it. I finally noticed that I had two icons on my desktop that I thought were both AVG anti-virus. I looked more carefully to see why I would have two of them. The same identical icon, but one said AVG free.anti virus and the other one said eset anti-virus. So I googled eset and found that it was a totally different anti-virus company. I remembered downloading it a couple weeks ago because I thought it was AVG wanting me to upgrade. After a couple weeks they started the pop up messages that they could  repair my computer. So I clicked okay. It repaired about 400 errors and if I wanted it to correct the next 740 errors I would need to buy the full version. I cannot say enough unkind words about them and their unscrupulous tactics. When I realized it was a different company it only took about 2 seconds to find the thing and  uninstall it. Suddenly my browser was working just fine. I had no more popup's about a virus.
That sort of thing should be regulated somehow. Many people would probably go ahead and buy from the crooks.  Just like magic that would have ended the problem.  Or some people would have taken their computer to a shop and paid them to figure it out. If I was flushed with money I would have done that too. 
I have more time than money so I went after it like a dog after a bone. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.
I think they tried to put a virus on it and my anti-virus service didn't allow it. I don't know how they kept my browser from opening. I even tried another browser and it wouldn't open either.