Monday, May 16, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Old Codgers

I found this gem in the daily newspaper in the section called "Letters From Our Readers".

Smart is as Stupid Does

To the editor-----Upon reading in the May 6th Yakima Herald-Republic about the teenager who received a 27 year sentence for killing another boy because he thought he was a rival gang member. I was reminded of something I discovered as a teenager myself. It goes like this:
"When you're stupid but know you're stupid, then you're really kind of smart. But when you're stupid and don't know you're stupid, then you're really stupid."
  I like to think I fell into the first category. I had a few friends surely in the second. Later in life, much later, I discovered a corollary. "If you're smart and don't know you're smart, then you're still kind of stupid. But if you're smart and know you're smart, look out! You're about to do something very stupid."
 After reading about the overpaid CEOs, I suspect they, or their board of directors, fall into the last category.
                                                                                                                   Dick Sproul

Source: Yakima Herald-Republic

I am not sure if Dick Sproul is an old codger, but I have a feeling he has been around the block a couple times.
When I read this I said, "Dang! I wish I would have said that".