Sunday, July 10, 2011

War Without Guns

Mother Goose Club
War Without Guns

Confusion is the term that describe the workings of our government. Our president is only as good as the voter. We all like to vote and carry on as if we are so patriotic. Doing our patriotic duty. Who are we voting for, do we know anything about the person and issues or do we vote because we are Republican or Democrat. I believe that is the case in most cases. How many people bother to understand the issues that are putting the country into a depression. It has become a heated war between Republicans and Democrats. Who has time to get in and really find out what makes the wheels roll? We take sides, no matter what the issues are. The authorities in the party do everything they can to defeat the opposing party, causing nothing to get done. They are too busy trying to win political power. It’s all about the power. Power = Money. Who has the most money. If you really want to know how to vote, go back to school and learn how the government is run. Who has time for that, we are either working or looking for work or standing in line.
We need to get more involved about who is watching the store. If we really want to know what the Cannibals are up to, walk naked through their village. It would be a real eye-opener if nothing else. Ask not who you should vote for, ask what are they likely to do if elected.
Remember the important things. Get the Republicans/Democrats out of the office and let Mother Goose run it. We need change.
This is my campaign slogan, “Like I said use your head”.