Friday, September 2, 2011

Things I Learned in Bible Study

Things you learn in Bible Study are very useful. Don't cut salt completely out of your diet or you may start getting cramps in your legs or fingers. I learned this when I was going to Bible Study years ago. Everybody would talk about the latest thing that was happening in their lives. One lady was a nurse. She said her daughter had decided salt was bad for her so she completely left it out of her diet. The daughter had put herself and her husband on a nothing but oatmeal diet.  One day her fingers started cramping so badly they would cross and she would have to pry them apart. She called her mother (The Nurse) in a panic and asked if she knew what was wrong and her mother said, "Are you still on that salt free diet? You need to start eating some salt."
So that is what I learned at bible study that day. A little salt will go a long way.
At another meeting one of the ladies said she heard of somebody that had died from a lethal combination of gas and uncontrollable laughing. By the time we visualized that one, we were all suffering from uncontrollable laughter. The nurse said she doubted if it actually happened.
One day a lady said they decided it was time to pick their pears and discovered somebody had already picked them. They also took them.  They only had one lonely Pear tree in the front yard.
I’m still thinking it might be wonderful to have a husband that would eat oatmeal three times a day and never gripe about it. Or maybe not.