Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cars and Stuff

I have a car that is as bad off as I am, because it’s old. In people years my car is probably 90 years old. When things get old, they begin to wear out or become somewhat unhurried to say the least. An old person driving an old car is the thing that drives most drivers to the brink of madness. I drive the speed limit or not more than 5 minutes over, and I’m never in a hurry. This is the core of aggravation for the average driver. Go ahead and admit it, you know it's true. Most of them are very kind about it, as they tend to wave one of their fingers at me as they zoom past.
Everything on my car has probably been replaced at least 14 times. I have had a few replacements myself. My teeth, my vision as I had the Cadillacs removed and replaced with artificial lens. What I haven’t had replaced has been removed or rearranged. My battery has never run down, but the battery in the car has run down and been replaced numerous times. My battery has a lifetime guarantee. When it goes, I go.

It’s a boring Tuesday afternoon, but feels like Sunday. Since my Soap has been taken off the air, I never know if it’s a weekday or not. I like to sound dumb, I think people sort of expect it when you’re old. When you’re old you couldn’t possible care less what people think. You must have noticed that in your grand pappy and grand mammy by now.

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