Sunday, February 19, 2012

Excuse me while I brag.

Cora, Chloe, Emily, Molly, Leah

Three of my Granddaughters, and the little ones are Great Grands.
The girls have been asked if they are triplets. No, they are not triplets.
One is five years older. I am going to tell this story on Cora and I have told it a million times, but I don’t think I have told it on the blog before. Sorry Cora. 
Cora was 5 years old when her sisters were born. Some of the family was at our house that day and Karen and Dennis were going to the hospital to visit Nancy and see the new babies. Dennis asked Cora if she would like to go with them to see her new sisters. She said, “NO, I already saw them, besides they’re Yucky.” She learned to love them, and was like their second mother. Cora didn’t have a problem expressing herself at that age and even younger. Before she learned to talk her mother was feeding her peas and Cora kept turning her head, but her mother kept putting them in her mouth. That was the day she learned to talk. Her face turned red, she blew those peas across the room and began to speak in a foreign language we had never heard before, I think she was making up the words as she went along. Her mother got the message. She didn’t feed her any more peas.  
As to the twins, I think I better explain the reason they are dressed alike in this picture is because they met at their parent’s house and had not consulted each other about what they were going to wear. Dressing alike is strictly a NoNo with them. 
Chloe is on Cora’s lap and Leah is on Molly’s lap. Leah is looking at her Aunt Emamaly as she calls her. This was taken Christmas Eve which is Molly and Emily's birthday. 
This is one of my favorite pictures so thought I would share it.