Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gotcha !!!

One time about six months or so ago, I was having a conversation with Chris and I told her that I still call Oriental people ‘Orientals’ instead of Asians. She said I should call them Asian because her daughter that lives over by Seattle said if you say Oriental over that way people will think you are talking about a rug. Well, I tucked that little piece of information in the back of my brain somewhere. Now we go forward about six months and Chris and I was texting about the medical place we both go to and she wanted to know which doctor I go to. I texted her back and said I couldn’t think of his name, but he is a rug.  She had forgotten our previous conversation and was racking her brain and had Kenny racking his brain and they could not figure out what I meant so she texted me back and asked.  We laughed about it and then forgot it. 

Now lets fast forward another three months and I have a text message on my phone this morning from Chris and I knew she was on a shuttle bus on the way to Seattle or Issaquah or one of those foreign places. This is the text:
There are two RUGS in the seat ahead of me…….and they are on the phone speaking RUG !!!!
Now you must remember my memory is getting shorter by the day, and I honestly could not figure out what in the Sam hill she was talking about. I thought she had slipped over the edge and I saw it coming. All of a sudden my brain must have hit a speed bump because I remembered. Well, she got me good. Gotcha !!!  Now it’s my turn.