Sunday, July 15, 2012

Trees and Groceries

There comes a time when you have nothing left to eat, and you go to the store. I thought Sunday morning would be a perfect time to go to Walmart. I was sure it would be nice and quiet over there. I assumed I was the only person that doesn't go to church, well evidently I am not the only one that doesn’t attend church on Sunday Morning.  Everybody and their uncle attend Walmart on Sunday morning. It was a testing of the nerves to weave in and around people trying to find what I wanted. Some folks block a whole aisle so they can have a chitchat conference with their next door neighbor. Those are not my favorite people. When you've spent your last nerve and try to leave it gets even more challenging.  I try to choose the aisle with the least people. I have over twenty items and I need to use one of the slow ones. It doesn't matter which one I choose, the pause button always get pressed. So you stand in the paused line so long, you get acquainted with the folks behind you and the ones in front of you. Finally I get through the line and come home. When I pull into my driveway, wow ! there had been a disaster.
My next door neighbor had the tree in their front yard split and a huge limb fell onto the front of their house. It must have happened last night and I didn’t notice when I backed out of my driveway to leave. The part that hit their house was the smaller branches so maybe it didn’t do any damage or not much anyway.  I just now talked to a neighbor’s and she said the wind blew really hard last night and it rained. I slept through that event.  That is one of the reasons I had a huge blue spruce taken out of my yard a few years ago. The trimming guys said if you do not keep the small branches trimmed out of the top of those spruce trees and you get hard winds, the wind can’t blow trough the tree it will easily blow one of those spruce trees over. Not only that, but the grass can’t grow under it very well and it shed a ton of needles that need to be raked out every year. 
This is how my exciting day has gone so far.