Friday, September 21, 2012

Doing Office Time

Years ago when I was employed, I worked in an office. Part of the work in the olden days was to take the mail to the big blue mailbox on the street. It was my turn to take the mail to the box. On this day as I returned to our backdoor, a client had parked his pickup in our parking lot with five or six dogs in the back of it. We always called our client’s ‘consumers’ instead of customers or clients because they consumed so much of our time. When the dogs saw me they began to bark as loud as possible. It didn’t take long to stumble through the door.  Jean asked, “What did you do to those dogs?” I said, “I didn’t do anything to them, I just smiled at them.”  Jean started laughing, “You smile at dogs? Heh heh ha ha.” I answered,“I was running for my life, I wasn’t smiling, it was just an expression.” Jean laughed, “Heh hee heh ha ha, an expression! ” I had to defend myself so I said, “You have never had a pack of wild dogs nipping at your heels, have you?” “No, I would just smile at them” she said. 
Anything to kill time at the office.