Sunday, October 7, 2012

Diet Diary

I found another entry in my Diet Diary.

I went to the Kmart and was in the checkout line. The lady before me had put her items on the counter. The clerk picks up one and then she picks up her microphone and her voice is booming all over the store loud and clear, “Price check on, Big Mama Panty Hose, aisle 8”. The customer threw her hand over her face and bowed her head and I heard her uttering this prayer, “Oh my God”. 

Clothing manufacturing companies enjoy thinking up new ways to embarrass the fat folk. Queen size just isn't effective enough. 

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Stephanie Frieze said...

Seriously? It is ironic that although Americans are bigger than anyone else, there is still a lot of discrimination that goes on in our society. I learned today that there are some vicous mothers of students in our school district who have launched a Face Book campaign against an over weight school bus driver. No reason other than his size and the fact that the children won't listen to him when he tried to get them to behave. Large people do not get respect in our culture.