Thursday, March 13, 2014

What if?

I just read the book 'Heaven is for Real' by Todd Burpo. A little boy had surgery and claimed he went to heaven. He met his sister that his mother had lost through a miscarriage, and told his parents about her. They didn't even know what sex the baby was.  Anyway the story is very interesting and turns on your 'what if' button. It makes you think of your own family and friends that have passed on. Just this past summer we lost this precious family member, Bob.  He is my nephew. Both his parents have also passed away. He was an only child because his mother had miscarried and lost two or three babies before she was able carry this one full term. I have been thinking of him and wondering if he met his siblings, and  what a celebration that must have been. He left a lot of family behind. He had made a career of the Marines, and when he retired from the marines he went to school, and was working in the medical field when he came down with a rare form of cancer that he thought he may have picked it up while in desert Storm. A chemical dump had been blown up. He thought at the time he was far enough away not to be affected. He was 55 years old when he joined the other side.
Bob and his daughter, Thea

School days

His daughter's Lisa and Thea

Happier times


Stephanie Frieze said...

When I came out of denial and realized that my father, whom I thought was a combination of Superman and John Wayne (should have thought about how Wayne died), I read a couple of books about dying, written by hospice nurses. They believed. They believed that some of their patients were visited by loved ones already on the other side. I know my dad saw someone that made him light up a day or two before he passed. He was alone when he died, but I'd like to believe that either his mother or grandmother came to take him. Moreover, I've been visited by my grandma. It was in a dream, but we were somewhere between Earth and heaven. I knew neither of us could stay, but it was a wonderful visit, even if sad to leave. I have a friend who had a similar experience.

Dale Lockwood said...

Great piece Aunt Lorrene. Last words to him were, "I will see you on the other side." He is there now and will meet us when it is our time to head on out. What if is a cool thing. Thank you. Dr. D.