Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Fly Hunter

  Thank God for flies or I would have no fun at all.

 A very rude fly invited itself into my house, and Sassy the cat is honing her hunting skills. She has spent two days searching for, and making flying leaps in the air swatting at the elusive fly. At one point she had it treed on the inside of a lamp, and almost knocked the lamp over trying to smack it. It got away once again. Now the fly is sitting on the back of a chair and she is having a stare down with it while creeping closer and closer. Oops! missed again. I do swear the fly is teasing her. It comes flying overhead like a Stealth bomber, and swoops down within inches, she grabs for it and it zooms off. I thought about swatting the fly myself, but this is far too entertaining. Now she is on the back of the couch and the fly must be behind the couch and she can’t reach it, but if looks can kill, it’ll be dead in a few minutes. She is staring it down again.

Whoever thought my life would be reduced to this. Some folks take trips and go on cruises or road trips to vacation spots. I stay home and watch my cat chase a fly.

Look how cute I am!