Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Things that Make Your Hair Turn Grey

Life is so full of money grabbers and other greedy bodies,  it’s impossible to keep ahead of their game. 
Charter Cable Co must hire a full time staff to decide how to suck a little more money out of you. Every service they offer has a variable price. Internet, telephone, TV service.
Why can’t they put a set rate on each one? My garbage can has a set rate. They don’t send a letter telling me I’ve used the can for a year so now I have to pay another 20 a month for it. The Cable Co. would. In July of 2015 my telephone goes up another $10.00 because it was on a special rate for a year. They advertise on TV constantly that you get internet for $29.99.  They don’t explain that it’s a one year rate.
The Cable company decided to raise my bill $5.00 a month, no explanation so I called to find out why, and it’s because there is a TV-Surcharge added beyond their control.
I found the following link.
It’s rather interesting.