Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Lose and Look

Cora(in Front) Nancy,Mel,Lorrene,Bud,Dennis, Karen

I've had these shingles since the middle of December.  I've  had two good days in a row, so I'm hopeful they will soon be gone for good.
I still had the pains last night. I can't sleep in a bed when I have the pain because the pain is worse, so I sleep in the recliner. I haven't had any pain so far this evening. 
I lost one of my key rings and it was the one with the car key on it. After turning the house up-side down looking for them I decided to go have another one made.
I had two made for good measure. That was yesterday. Today I had an appointment with the eye doctor. I try to wear decent clothes when I see a Dr. I don't know why because sometimes they make you take them off. Anyway to get to the point, I pulled a pair of decent pair of pants out of my closet and put them on, and I soon found the missing car ring in my pocket. Now I have a lifetime supply of car keys. Today I had my son take me to the eye doctor, and when we left there I  asked him to take me to the bank because I wanted some cash from the ATM machine. 
When I opened my wallet there was no ATM card to be found. I didn't panic because I lose everything and I thought it was in the house somewhere. We got home and Kenny asked me when was the last time I used it. I told him I used it at the window of Taco time. The little bells went off in my brain, so I told him to go look in my car. Sometimes I just put it on the car seat, and put it in my purse when I get home.
He looked in the car and there it was. 
That's the story of my life. It's called 'Lose and Look'.
I didn't make that myself. I borrowed it from the internet. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

More of the Same

      I woke up one morning with Shingles. I didn't know they might change my life forever. Forever for me is probably a few years at the most since I have already lived 87 of them. I read up on them after they attacked me. They can be very short lived in some folk and in others they can hang on for years. Since I've had them for two months I am beginning to think I may be plagued with them the rest of my life.
I do not have any new breakouts, but the nerve pain is still active, sharp stabbing pains in my lower left side comes and goes. Some days I hardly notice it, and other days I wear the pain patches. Pain patches only takes the edge off so it can be tolerated. They may work differently for others.
I live here between my four walls and have little to do. I no longer have any close friends. They have all died from old age so why am I still here? I have no where to go, no one is coming home. I glance at the clock for various reasons, not that anything is going to happen. I look forward to the different seasons, and it isn't all that exciting. I tolerate winter and love the other seasons. 
I have six granddaughters and eight great grand-kids. When I think about it, I am pleased by the fact that if it wasn't for me those exact same people wouldn't be here. That also goes for my three kids. So maybe I'm worth something after all.
Here are a few pictures.
Deena my first Granddaughter. Her brother, Trent being the typical annoying little brother.
This is Cora, our 3rd Granddaughter and her Great Grandpa Lemaster
I wanted to add a few more pictures, but blogger is not cooperating with me.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

Life in the Slow Lane

On December 17th I broke out with Shingles. They can be bad and they were bad. I have had them until now. It's now February and I do believe they are history. I have thought that severely time in the past two months, and it turned out to just be a good day.  Maybe today is just a good day. 
I am so out of it half the time I wouldn't know. Thismorning I took something to the mail box to mail.  Polly,my neighbor, was out pulling up weeds. She told me there wouldn't be any mail today. I took her word for it, but had to think about it for awhile before I decided it must be presidents day. 
I have two new great grandchildren now, A little girl from China. I think she was about 17  months old. 
Her name is Hailey, her sister is Chloe.
Parents are Jim and Cora Huffman.

This is Tyler. He was born January 27. 
His parent are Emily and Jeff Faris.
Emily's identical twin had a baby girl 
January 28 three years ago.
Chloe and her cousin, Tyler

Cora, Tyler and Chloe

Friday, February 12, 2016

My Life For Now

I have a sleeping issue. I can only sleep about four hours at a time, and I may as well get up because I am not going back to sleep. I've been up since about 2:30 AM. It's 4:30 now. I sit in my recliner and get on facebook, work on a crossword puzzle, read, and that's about it. What an exciting life. I had a fight with Shingles for awhile. It's finally over, the only thing left is the itchiness. I am so glad that I can drive again. My son. Kenny helped me with errands and trips to the Dr. He is retired so he has time on his hands. In my case the Shingles lasted just about a full two months. I guess I could go on and on about my pains and woes, but I will spare you. I have a few  pictures.
This is Cora, our 3rd  Grand child

Cora, a few years later.
Cora, very recently with her two daughters.

Us with our first two grandkids, Deena and Trent.
In the 70's

We had many more grandkids and great grand kids, but guess what, I'm sleepy now. so back to bed.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Old Family Pictures

Lorrene and Carol(It's me and my little sister on the right)

His name is Kenny. My oldest son.

Grandpa and Cora (our third grandchild)

This goes back to 1950.  Our first born, Kenny.
Look at that hair. 

Our second son, Mel. giving his little sister a hug.
Mel, taken several years ago.

Bud, he loved our two poodles Buffie and Sissy.

This is Grandpa with Trent, our second Grandchild.
They are both deceased.

This is Hailey and and her sister, Chloe,
My granddaughters.

This little guy is my latest grandchild, Tyler and Chloe.

Chloe loves her little sister

This is Cora,  my granddaughter.
She is the mother of Chloe and Hailey.
This is the parents of Chloe and Hailey.

I love these old pictures. Kenny, going to take a nap he said.