Friday, February 19, 2016

More of the Same

      I woke up one morning with Shingles. I didn't know they might change my life forever. Forever for me is probably a few years at the most since I have already lived 87 of them. I read up on them after they attacked me. They can be very short lived in some folk and in others they can hang on for years. Since I've had them for two months I am beginning to think I may be plagued with them the rest of my life.
I do not have any new breakouts, but the nerve pain is still active, sharp stabbing pains in my lower left side comes and goes. Some days I hardly notice it, and other days I wear the pain patches. Pain patches only takes the edge off so it can be tolerated. They may work differently for others.
I live here between my four walls and have little to do. I no longer have any close friends. They have all died from old age so why am I still here? I have no where to go, no one is coming home. I glance at the clock for various reasons, not that anything is going to happen. I look forward to the different seasons, and it isn't all that exciting. I tolerate winter and love the other seasons. 
I have six granddaughters and eight great grand-kids. When I think about it, I am pleased by the fact that if it wasn't for me those exact same people wouldn't be here. That also goes for my three kids. So maybe I'm worth something after all.
Here are a few pictures.
Deena my first Granddaughter. Her brother, Trent being the typical annoying little brother.
This is Cora, our 3rd Granddaughter and her Great Grandpa Lemaster
I wanted to add a few more pictures, but blogger is not cooperating with me.