Saturday, March 25, 2017

Lord Have Mercy

I have more problems than any old lady should ever have. I had closed caption on my TV and didn't like it at all. It blocked out the screen with the caption. I may as well read a book. Finding a button that said disable closed caption  wasn't on the remote. Which remote? there is one for the TV and one for Spectrum. It wasn't on either remote. I found settings and the menu had closed caption for an option. Oh wow, I found it, but when I scrolled down the menu it skipped closed caption, skipped right over it. Now I know for sure there's a devil.  I must have used the wrong remote, but the other one didn't have that option in it. I called Kenny, my son. I thought he could do anything, but I was wrong.
I finally called the place and was told to press the big red power button at the top and then press the CBL button below it and nothing happened so he said press it again, and it brought up a menu that had the option to disable the closed caption.
Now I ask, how can they expect anyone to know if you press the big red button twice and then press the CBL button it will bring up a menu?