Wednesday, August 30, 2017

No News Today

Can you imagine turning on your TV in the morning and the Announcer says, Sorry, we have no news to report today; you may as well go back to bed. Or perhaps you could make your own news. So I did, I sold my Van.

I have an old Van 27 years old, but it runs very well, and the last mechanic that looked at it said it's in excellent condition for it's age.  I need to sell it because I didn't pass the vision part of the licensing renewal procedure. How to sell a car. What is it worth? Start high because they'll offer you less and if they offer me anything I'll grab it. So I set the price at $900.00 and I'll be lucky if I get $600.00. It also has a set of snow tires included.
Chris, my DIL (if they'd ever get married) just called and said she sold my Van for $900.00. I know the person she sold it to so I know it's true. He is going on a trip so it will be one week and asked for me to please not sell it while he is gone. It's hid in the garage so there is no danger of that. I don't have to figure out how many cylinders it has or how many miles to the gallon and no one will kick it's tires or any of that cruel stuff. 
This is news. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Sun Comes Up

I wasn't born here, but this was the era when I was born. In a little farm house on the Plains of Oklahoma. The old car looks like the one my dad owned when I came on the scene. Life was so boring then, but no one knew it. The cows had to be  milked and the eggs gathered on a daily basis. Church was the highlight of the week. Neighbors gathered at the little country church and exchanged tidbits of their lives. What in the world did they talk about? Crops and cows for the men and canning, gardening and kids for the women? The mother was usually expecting another baby.
Our house had a tiny kitchen with a stand in one corner with a water bucket and a wash basin setting on it. A wood cooking range, an oval shaped table on the west wall with a bench behind the table which three of us kids sat on. Grandpa lived with us and he sat on one end of the table and Dad sat at the other end. Mom was a great cook and always had a nice meal. I remember we had lots of fried potatoes. She grew a big garden and canned everything We had a cellar to store the canned goods in. 
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That's my life today. The sun comes up and the sun goes down. 

Till next time.