Tuesday, July 10, 2018

A Visit to the Eye Doctor

This was an exciting day. I had a visit with my eye doctor. I live a very mundane life and anything as exciting as an injection in the eyeball is exciting and not the fun kind of exciting but the scary kind. The injection is totally painless but it sounds like torture.
I have two eyes and one has lost the central vision and to prevent it from happening to the other eye is an injection every two months to dry the specks of blood which will prevent me from losing my sight. It works very well. 

I tried to download a book on my Kindle the other day and I have a second Kindle and normally it gives the option to choose which Kindle to download it on. My laptop didn't show any Kindle at all. Just because I haven't used it for a year it didn't recognize one at all. That kind of thing is what shortens our lifespan. I stewed and fretted and tried to remember how to put it back on my computer again.  I would have given up, but I paid $4.99  for that book and I was not going to give up. $4.99 is $4.99. 
I am not sure what I did but it finally showed my first Kindle but not the other one. I want it on the other one because it's a larger reading area. I gave up on it.
That's all for now.