Sunday, October 20, 2019

Time Changes

Time changes everything. I've been here 91 years and the world has changed so much. Not all in a good way either but I'm not telling anyone anything you don't already know. Kids walked a mile or so to school and were perfectly safe. It's a little risky to let your kid walk around the block these days. 
The fun has been taken out of Halloween trick or treating for the
An excuse to use my favorite picture again.
kids.  I think most neighborhoods are safe but a parent needs to follow them to be sure. 

Recently a little boy and his dog were lost in a cornfield. Thank God for Drones. A man had one that could detect heat. It found the little boy. Bad things still happen but so do good things.

I wanted to cook something that called for grated cheese. Chicken enchilada casserole to be exact. I had all the ingredients I thought. So I set everything out and began to put it together. I had it almost ready but putting some grated cheese on the top and I have grated cheese but I didn't know it had mold in it. It's not that old. I was able to rescue enough cheese that wasn't green yet. Don't they make penicillin from mold?  So if I happen to get on the outside of some green cheese it won't kill me.
I also found a jar of soft cheese for Nacho's so I used some of that. 
Are we going to turn our clocks back next month or not? I'm not sure so I googled it. I still don't know but I am guessing we do. 
Well, that's my life exciting as it gets. 

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nothoughtsnoprayersnonothing said...

Thanks for the reminder about the clocks. Time really does change things. With earlier daylight I can again walk in the early morning. I'm not eager to catch up to your 91 but will give it a try. About 10 years to go.