Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The New Me

This is just the ticket! Exactly what I need. I could probably add my C-PAP and my artificial plastic nostrils to it. It would keep my mouth shut, much to the delight of my big mouthed SIL. (see comment on previous post)
I am not allowed to breath with my mouth open while sleeping with the C-PAP. I guess I need to write to this Rod Miller guy and find out if there would be room for my gargage door opener in case I want to leave in a hurry. No need for a purse. I think I like this concept.


Cora said...

somehow that is just not me but if you go for I demand pictures :0)

okie said...

Hey,talk about sleep how would you get any with that head gear and the chin holder. Oh, that chin holder might be alright for keeping track of the T.V. remote.
lov Okie

Brandi Ray said...

hmm...reminds me of a jock strap