Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things that go Bump in the Night

I've just been sitting here minding my own business when I heard a bang, clang clang noise coming from the the kitchen. It sort of sounded like somebody was out there messing around. I can see most of the kitchen from where I am sitting so I knew nobody was in the kitchen. Something must have fallen from the wall or jumped off the table. Curosity finally got the best of me so I went out there and spent a lot of time looking at the wall and the floor and nothing was amiss, however I did pick up a little gadget from the floor that belonged in the leg of the chair. It's been lying on the window ledge since President Carter was elected because some day I'm going to put it back in the leg of the chair where it belongs, but it does require some skill that I'm not sure I have. I laid it back on the window ledge and came back to my laptop. It was not two minutes until the same noise happened again. I am convinced the invisable little demons are messing with me. I laid it back on the window ledge again and I watched it like a cat watches it's prey. I kept watching and watching and watching and finally it happened again. It hit the leg of the chair and that caused the extra clang clang sound. You must be in so much suspence by now. Do you want to tune in next week for the rest of the story? I suppose not so this is what happened. I have the window open because of this stupid Indian summer we are having and I guess it's going to last till the cows come home. I have a venetian blind on the window and the wind blew the blind against the gadget pushing it off the ledge. It's enough to make your hair turn white.