Saturday, November 29, 2008


Why do people hate other people? What did the terrorist accomplish by killing all those people in the Taj Mahal Hotel in India? It's nothing more than a sadistic game they are playing. What kind of war is that? They probably studied and prepared for it for months and months. Did they get what they wanted. Killing innocent people is about as sick and demonic as you can get. One of the Terrorist was caught and the first thing he said was, "Don't kill me, I don't want to die yet". That remark should be grounds for murder. According to a news report he also said they were trying to kill 5000 people.
It must really feed their sick ego and now they are already working on their next target. Maybe the lesson we can learn from it is to stay in the smallest hotel you can find or attend the least crowded event. This is just a few of my thoughts on the subject.


Jimh. said...

No, it doesn't make a lot of sense. Especially when your targets are women and children. I doubt if Allah would be pleased to know how many infidel children had died for his cause...but, then again, maybe I place more stock in Allah's plans then his fanatic followers. I can't believe innocents are on the menu. It hs to be the idiots who call themselves martyrs...guess it doesn't take many brain cells to push a button....Aihh-aigh-aigh-eeee!!!! ...kaboom.

blog no more said...

I have still been following your blog even though I was not in the mood to blog myself. Glad to be back actually.

Cora said...

Check out my blog I photo tagged you, this one is fun and simple I promise.