Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Total Frustration

I haven’t blogged about this for a long time, but it’s time to complain again. This time I am not complaining about the late arrival of the paper. The Newspaper raised the cost of the paper and since I have nobody to pass my cost of living on to, I have to use some other way to compensate. So I called the newspaper office and asked what the cost would be if I just cut out the Sunday paper and she quoted the price to me. It would be exactly what I had been paying, so I told her to have the Sunday paper discontinued and deliver it Monday through Saturday. She told me she set it up that way. I wrote the instructions on the statement to discontinue the Sunday paper and payment is for Monday through Saturday, to go into effect June 8th.

On Sunday, June the 14th, they left a newspaper for me. On Monday, June 15th, I called their office and told them that I had received a Sunday paper and it was supposed to have been discontinued and I would only be getting the paper Monday through Saturday and to please let the carrier know. She said she would take care of it. On Tuesday, June 16, I did not receive a paper. I called their office and explained, as slowly as I could, that I no longer want the Sunday paper, but I want the paper Monday through Saturday. She said, "It says here that you want to receive it, Friday through Sunday, and that is why you didn’t get a paper today". I am still shaking my head over that one. Who takes a paper Friday through Sunday? I guess they make up excuses like that to cover their butts. I told her again that I want the paper Monday through Saturday and I would like to receive today’s paper. She told me it would be delivered right away. Right away, in my book, means within an hour. So I tried to cool my heels, but two hours later I still did not have a paper so I called the office again.

This time I asked," How many hours is it was going to take to drive over here with a newspaper"? He explained to the grouchy old lady that they only have one delivery person until 7 and the other one has several other errands to do as well as delivering missing papers. The paper finally arrived at 10:30. He rang my doorbell and I had a few choice words ready for him, but when I opened the door, there stood an old man, at least as old as me, anyway his hair was even whiter. He handed me the paper and I smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you".

End of story.