Friday, May 6, 2011

Just a thought or two or three

My latest pet peeve is when you shop online, so many places do not tell you how much the item cost until you put it in the shopping cart and pretend you are going to check out. What is the matter with those ignorant imbeciles. Do they honestly think you’re going to buy it without knowing how much it cost. Or they keep the shipping cost a secret until you check out. Sometimes the shipping charge determines whether I am going to buy it or not.  I know the shipping charge sometimes depends on how much it weights or much many items you buy, but why can’t they put up a chart to look at like the catalogs do.
It is only a matter of time until computers will come with a slot to slide your bank card through.

Another thing that irks me is the places that tell you it’s free, and then you need to make a user name and a password and after you get that done and try to use the service it is $24.99 per month. I don’t know what was free unless the “signing up part” is free
You can’t even find out who a phone number belongs to unless you pay for it. It will tell you it’s free and sometimes they will tell you what State the number is from, but if you want more info you will need to pay up. I guess I shouldn’t be so nosy.
While I’m on the subject of that, why is there not a law forbidding collection agencies from calling you to find out information on other people, such as a relative. Not that I have any relatives that would not pay a bill, oh no, not me. All my relatives are law abiding bill paying, honest upstanding citizens. There are no black sheep in my closet. Who would ever keep a sheep in a closet even if it were white?  


Anonymous said...

oh so true, I have started to get something then change mind when they start to charge `for it in their own way.

getjets said...

I have so many pet peeve's and I can't think of one,right now..... but this post is one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then.... your so scared to put the item in the "cart"...maybe you HAVE to buy it then......just to find out the price....tricky sh!t!!!!

pet peeve: food left sticking to the sides of kitchen sinks....YUK!!!!
I have enjoyed my visit on your blog, I will check in again soon!
take care

misstwa(because I really do Miss TWA Airlines....)

Odie Langley said...

I fully agree and have backed out of many sites when I found out that they were trying to trap me into paying when I was told it was free. The biggest peeve I have is to click on something on Google and instead of going to the site I want, one comes up wanting to sell me something.

Mike Starring said...

Sliding your credit card through your computer has already happened. I can plug this little thingy into the bottom of my IPhone and slide a person's credit card through it and the money ends up in my bank account. It was only a matter of time. I have a friend who has been paying 79 dollars per month for free diet pills because he gave them his card number for the free trial and did not know how to stop the 79 dollar a month payments to discontinue the agreement he did not know he made. I say nothing is free on the net, the minute they ask for your name.