Saturday, May 21, 2011

Let me put a little bug in your ear

Let me put a little bug in your ear.

We keep hearing how rampant the bedbugs are in the world and they are rapidly spreading across the country. It has been announced that if you stay in a hotel you can pick them up and take them home in your luggage. I stay out of hotels so I thought I had everything covered.
I made a disturbing discovery today. I went to the mailbox and had a small catalog among other junk mail. I brought it in and opened the catalog and before my eyes sat a little brown bug that looked for all the world to be a possible bedbug. He was dead in about two seconds flat. I didn’t take time to examine him and he was too flat after his sudden death for an exam.
Even if it was a bedbug, what are the odds of two bedbugs in the same catalog and doesn’t it take two to tango or whatever they call it in bug land. But what if it was a girl bug and laid eggs in the catalog.  I thought of everything. The catalog ended up in the garbage can. Sorry Woman’s World. Now don’t send me any more catalogs.