Monday, August 22, 2011

The Gift

I just had a great pre birthday get together. Karen and Dennis (daughter and Turkey-in-law) and Katie came over from Tacoma to honor my birthday. I received some very nice gifts of which I am very grateful for, but Turkey-in-law always gets me something to show his true feelings for me. Usually it’s some version of a Witch or something just as insulting. This year he gave me a toilet seat !!!. He told Laura on the phone that he gave me a toilet seat for my birthday and she said, “Dad, that was a crappy thing to give Grandma for her birthday”. Happy Birthday to me……….
Anyway it was a great day and he also took us all out to dinner at the Black Angus. We ate heartily.
I thank my son-in-law very much for his thoughtfulness and the toilet seat and all the other things he bought for me.