Monday, August 22, 2011

The Gift

I just had a great pre birthday get together. Karen and Dennis (daughter and Turkey-in-law) and Katie came over from Tacoma to honor my birthday. I received some very nice gifts of which I am very grateful for, but Turkey-in-law always gets me something to show his true feelings for me. Usually it’s some version of a Witch or something just as insulting. This year he gave me a toilet seat !!!. He told Laura on the phone that he gave me a toilet seat for my birthday and she said, “Dad, that was a crappy thing to give Grandma for her birthday”. Happy Birthday to me……….
Anyway it was a great day and he also took us all out to dinner at the Black Angus. We ate heartily.
I thank my son-in-law very much for his thoughtfulness and the toilet seat and all the other things he bought for me.  


Anonymous said...

Oh, he is so sweet to you and I think that angel of him,are you sure he has wings??????? How thoughtful of him.

Dennis the Angel said...

You forgot the line about how you can think of me everytime you use the gift. By the way I still have the wings, I just keep them hidden.


Cora said...

That is a great picture of uncle Dennis! you just need to put little devil ears on him and a squirt gun in his hand :)

Odie Langley said...

Happy Birthday from Odie in NC