Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oreo Cookies

Woman can’t live by Oreo’s alone, but I am trying to prove that theory is just wrong.
This woman went to the doctor’s office today to get a shot of Vitamin B12. After that visit I turned West to visit the Wal-Mart to pick up some heavy double duty Vitamin D. (prescription type). It seems that when the body wears out it takes a lot of artificial help to keep it chugging along. On top of that I have this bummed out knee and all the limp parking places were taken so I had to walk five miles (seemed like) to get inside. I picked up some groceries while there and as I was about to check out, I noticed a big gigantic stack of Family Size Oreo’s right in the front of the store. You couldn’t miss them if you were half blind. I also noticed them when I came into the store. It’s about an hour past lunchtime and my brain went into idle mode and my gut took over. My knee is killing me by now, but I must have some Oreo’s and I am not going to hobble down to that cookie aisle to find a smaller package. I purchased the Family Size box and the cookies and me came home. Since I am on a diet I decided to skip lunch and just eat a couple Oreo’s. I deserve a treat after that ordeal.  A couple cookies turned into a half tube. But I didn’t eat any lunch. So tonight I made a very diet type dinner and for dessert I thought I would eat just a couple Oreo’s. Well the other half tube is almost gone. They just vanished into thin air. It’s the Wal-Mart’s fault. I feel like suing them for parking those cookies right in plain sight that way.