Monday, October 31, 2011

Service with a Smile

I ordered something from a catalog. They send me the wrong size, not the size I ordered. I send it back and asked for the correct size. I didn’t have to pay shipping to send it back. I wait and wait and wait for the item to come.  After about three weeks I get a bill from them. Charging me for the amount of the item. I call them to find out where my order is. I have received a bill and no product. After being on hold for a time, I am told that the item is out of stock and they cannot fill the order. I explain to her that they have charged me the full amount. She tells me that I will only need to pay the shipping charge. “Shipping charge for what, they haven’t shipped anything, but the wrong size and that was their mistake”. So she needs to discuss this with a superior and asked me to hold again. Finally she comes back on line and tells me that as a one-time courtesy they will waive that shipping charge.   I guess that means the next time they goof up it will be my responsibility.  Oh well, as my mother used to say ''It'll all come out in the wash"